Office renovation, refurbishment or fit out is a task that should be entrusted to entities specializing in this field. Office space is the showcase of every company and its appearance determines how customers will perceive it. Therefore, you should choose a company that will professionally carry out all renovation and fit out works. So if you have a company whose offices need to be refreshed, we invite you to use our services. We operate in Krakow and surrounding towns. In addition to fit out, refurbishment and renovations of office spaces, we also carry out orders for interior finishing from developer’s standard. We invite individual clients and companies interested in our services to contact us. We also carry out fit out and renovation works in residential buildings, for example comprehensive kitchen renovations or bathrooms.

Fit out, refurbishment or renovation of office space – where to start?

Before you decide to fit out, refurbish or renovate your office space, it is worth consulting with specialists who will help you create the project and prepare a cost estimate and a detailed work schedule. Determining the time needed to complete the office fit out or renovation is extremely important, because before it starts, you must decide how long to rent replacement premises for the company.

The next step should be to obtain all the necessary legal permition that are required for such a renovation project. First of all, companies located in historic properties must take this into account. In Krakow, especially in the center, there are many old tenement houses(kamienica) where many entities operate and use office space. So if you are the owner or a long term tenant of an office building, both new and historic, we invite you to use our help in preparing for and carrying out the fit out, refurbishment or renovation.

Comprehensive office fit outs, refurbishments and renovations – scope of services

We are a company that has been carrying out comprehensive renovations of offices and other facilities, for example residential ones, for over 20 years. Our many years of experience in interior finishing allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality refurbishment, renovation, fit out and construction services. We employ a team of highly qualified professionals, including carpenters, tilers, bricklayers, painters, plumbers, electricians, architects and designers. That is why our office space tit out or renovation services are comprehensive. We carry out both finishing works and various installations. Our offer includes office painting, installation of partition walls, raised floors, suspended ceilings (coffered and plasterboard), installation of fittings and drywall, laying tiles, plaster and glazed tiles, as well as modernization of electrical and plumbing installations.

Why is it worth commissioning us to fit our, refurbish or renovate your office space?

Office fit out renovation or refurbishment are tasks that requires great precision. Office rooms must not only look great, but also be functional and simple. This determines not only how the company is perceived by its customers, but also the well-being and productivity of employees. Our services will allow you to both refresh this space and arrange it in such a way that every person staying in it feels comfortable. We have professional equipment and top-class tools that allow us to reliably and timely fit our, refurbish or renovate office space. We invite you to use our services. If you have any questions, please contact the company’s headquarters in Krakow.