We offer many different customised estimates, depending on your project’s needs and desires.

  1. If you want to quickly find out how much it may cost to refurbish your property; then we can provide you with an estimate with potential assessments of the basic improvements.
  2. We can also provide you with a detailed quote including all the essential measurements and a complete description of the work proposed. Detailed estimates are presented in spreadsheet format so you can easily see exactly how much needs to be allowed for each part of your project. For example – kitchen fittings will be shown in detail – itemised for permits, labour, kitchen supply, fitting, electrical and plumbing connections, tiling, and decoration works.

We offer estimates services as well, making it convenient if you are seeking cost estimates for your future project at this stage. During the early stages of communication, we will advise you regarding the type of estimate that will serve you and your budget best.